Artists Grants

The Plumas Art Foundation offers direct grants to artists in the Plastic Arts field. The grants are open, of variable amounts.

Open grant

The Foundation realizes that artistic freedom does not always agree with restrictions on the use of the support. While many artists are interested in funding for projects or exhibitions, some may need other assistance – purchasing advanced equipment, paying studio rent, freeing up time for making art, babysitting services allowing for extra studio hours, continuing education in various areas, storing works and more. The Plumas Art Foundation’s open grants respond to this wide range of needs while respecting the artists’ choices.

Variable amounts

The Foundation acknowledges the advantages of both approaches – the one that favors modest support to many artists and that which favors more significant assistance to a few – and integrates them. Accordingly, all artists do not receive the same funding. The basic amount (20,000 NIS) is intended to show appreciation for all the artists selected to receive a grant. The additional funds awarded to some (5,000 to 80,000 NIS, and/or curatorial meetings for one year) are meant to promote the development of the artist`s work.

The Foundation’s evaluation process comprises two stages: an online submission and a personal meeting with a curator for those selected to receive the grant. The process is long and complex (see Artist Grants Regulations מעבר לקובץ PDF for details). Consequently, the grants are meant not to fulfill immediate needs but to be used in the year following the submission.


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More information about the grants, such as the number of awardees, the evaluation process, criteria, and weights, can be found at Artist Grant Regulations מעבר לקובץ PDF (required reading for grant applications) and Questions and Answers מעבר לקובץ PDF .

A list of necessary materials to fill out the application form for Individual artists can be found here מעבר לקובץ PDF.

A list of necessary materials to fill out the application form for a Group of artists can be found here מעבר לקובץ PDF.

A tutorial on removing identifying information from video works can be found here.