Upcoming Submissions

Submission of applications for 2023 has ended.
The next submission period has not yet been announced.

The Plumas Art Foundation supports local creative work in the field of Plastic Arts and acts to enhance the artists’ standing in the art institutions and communal spaces in Israel.

The Foundation provides open artist grants and promotes research projects to enrich the discourse in the art field.

Foundation Announcements

Beginning the journey


The Plumas Art Foundation is launching its artist grants pilot, following a comprehensive process of research, consultations, and listening to the field. The action model in each area the Fund will engage in is nourished by the insights gained through this process.

Multi-gendered language


The Foundation takes part in the effort to encourage equal gender thinking, in language too. We contend with this issue by using multi-gender and gender-neutral writing (e.g. the plural form). When one gender is used in a sentence, that choice is random and unrelated to the content. The Foundation`s texts always address all genders.

Grant applications for artist groups


In 2023 application will be open for individual artists. In 2024 the application process will be opened for groups too.

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