Upcoming Submissions

Submission of applications for 2023 has ended.
The next submission period has not yet been announced.

קרן פלומס לאמנות - עמוד הבית

The Plumas Art Foundation supports local creative work in the field of Plastic Arts and acts to enhance the artists’ standing in the art institutions and communal spaces in Israel.

The Foundation provides open artist grants and promotes research projects to enrich the discourse in the art field.

Foundation Announcements

Grants 2023


The Plumas Art Foundation congratulates the recipients of the 2023 grants.

The artists’ names can be found in “Annual Reviews“.

Commiserating with the suffering of all the victims of the attack in the South


At the Plumas Art Foundation, we bend our heads in profound sorrow and empathy for the pain of those injured, kidnapped, and missing, and the families whose loved ones’ lives have been so cruelly severed in “Ottef Gaza.”

The Foundation will join the Plastic Artists’ Union and other aid initiatives to accompany the artists of the South in the process of rebuilding their lives and work/

End of the evaluation process for 2023


The evaluation process for grant applications for 2023 is finished. In the next few days, the artists who have won a grant will receive a notification regarding the grant amount. The winners’ names will be published on the Foundation’s site soon after the artists are notified.

Applying for a grant for groups of artists


In addition to applying for individual grants, in 2024 artists’ groups will be able to apply, through a dedicated form. The accepted number of artists in a group application: two to 20. The group will submit works created through the joint work of the group members.

Gender language


The above and all of the Foundation’s texts are intended for all genders.

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